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  • People who need to wear glasses to see clearly can have their spectacles taken off and yet have great eyesight. Depending on the patient's age and the refractive error of the glass, many treatment techniques are possible. If a person is over 18 years old and is currently wearing glasses or contact lenses, he or she has the option to forego using them. Since the glass power often stabilises at the age of 16, this therapy is not performed before the patient is 18 years old. Laser vision correction is the most widely used and popular procedure. In this procedure, the patient's refractive defect is treated by altering the corneal curvature (power of the glass)
  • The refractive error correction process known as LASIK (Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) is rapid, safe, and accurate. With a very high success rate and excellent patient satisfaction, LASIK corrects refractive defects by reshaping the cornea with the aid of an Excimer laser with submicron accuracy.
  • You are considered fit for LASIK if you:

    • You are considered fit for LASIK if you:

    • Are over 18 years of age

    • Have had stable vision for at least one year

    • Have generally healthy eyes.

  • LASIK combines two techniques of surgery to correct refractive error. First a surgical blade called a microkeratome creates a thin flap in the cornea. Next, an excimer laser sculpts the underlying cornea into a new shape to correct the refractive error. The flap is then repositioned and adheres on its own without sutures after only a few minutes.
  • In a more advanced process known as INTRALASE or FEMTO-LASIK, the flap is raised without the need of a blade. The flap raised with a femtosecond laser has a precision of +/-2 microns, which is an advantage of intralase. The uniform thickness, thinner flaps made possible by the precision cutting of the endolaser enable for greater tissue preservation than those made possible by a surgical blade.
  • CUSTOMIZED LASIK not only removes the power in your eye but it also corrects other abberations (distortion of images) in your eye which prevents an individual to achieve better quality of vision.These abberations are quantified by an abberometer and when fed into machine will allow personalized sculpturing pattern by which laser will mould the cornea to give the best visual results.
  • Recovery following LASIK is usually comfortable and rapid with a good postoperative result. All routine activities can be resumed after a day after the procedure.

USP of Uma Eye Clinic

UMA EYE CLINIC was the FIRST to bring the Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix Z100 to Chennai. It ushered the first DUAL BEAM LASER DELIVERY, IRIS PATTERN RECOGNITION, CUSTOM LASIK platform in South East Asia

UMA EYE CLINIC has also installed the latest generation custom treatment I DESIGN by VISX. Corneal flaps were initially created with a microkeratome, which is a BLADE to create the corneal flap.

In our continuous quest to improve, introduced INTRALASE (FEMTOSECOND LASER) which creates a corneal flap without using a blade. This BLADE-LESS technology is currently approved by NASA, US Navy. UMA EYE CLINIC was the first to introduce blade-less LASIK ( FEMTOSECOND) in Chennai

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