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Training Programs

The Uma Eye Clinic offers a range of training courses. One of the premier programmes for national and international ophthalmologists is the PHACO & Lasik Training Program held here.

Master surgeon and seasoned educator Dr. Arulmozhi Varman has led more than 150 PHACO training programmes both in India and overseas. At this centre, he has trained roughly 300 ophthalmologists and has more than 30 years of experience in the field.

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Years of Experience in This Field

  • The centre educates experienced eye care professionals from India and overseas as well as ophthalmology residents from international universities. This is one of the few training facilities in the world that offers instruction using the Zeiss Lumera 700 microscope, AMO Signature, and AMO Compact PHACOemulsification system.
  • The centre collaborates with universities in the UK and the US to train ophthalmology residents.
  • The facility offers practical surgical training.

    Training Programs

  • Lasik Course
  • Basic PHACO Course - For Beginners
  • Hands on with Zeiss ARTEVO 3D digitial Microscope
  • CATALYS: Femtosecond cataract training for PHACO surgeons
  • RELEX SMILE Femtosecond flapless LASIK training for LASIK surgeons
  • Advanced PHACO Course- For Surgeons with prior experience in PHACO